Isla du Margarita

Porlamar – Day #1

We arrived at the airport at about 1000 and Bartolo was there to meet us. He took us to the local University where they have been doing their buoy assemblies. They have switch to here from Cumana because the Quiguarie has had crane problems and is not useable at the moment. Apparently the vessel here is smaller, but has more deck space.

We inspected the vandalized WatchKeeper buoy and I pointed out that there were some broken welds that needed repair if the buoy was to be used again.

We unpacked all the parts for the 3m buoy and inspected the damages dome to the old 3m buoy.

We installed the two tower sections ok the new hull. By 1430, we were ready to call it a day…having started at 0600.

Out for dinner to the food court at the mall. Big mall. Bad chicken burger.

Day #2

Breakfast in the hotel. Usual Venezuelan fare.

Back to the buoys and got the 3m up and running. It sounds like I might be here a couple of days longer as they want to get their smaller WatchKeeper buoy repaired while I’m here.

Will wire the current meter tomorrow.

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