Thanksgiving 2008

For those that don’t follow Twitter ( here is how I spent Thanksgiving Day 2008 on Isla du Margarita in Venezuela.

1200 Pelican is thawing in the sink. Forgot to take it out last night. Time for some lunch.

1400 Pelican is still frozen. Who would have thought…it’s 32 C outside. Will start the stuffing.

1430 Damn, no bread crumbs. Will use chopped up arrapatas. Celey and fresh cashews will be nice.

1500 Bird stuffed, ready to go in the oven. Good thing I have a little oven in the kitchenette. Should only be a couple hours tip we’re eating.

1800 Three hours and the pelican is far from done. WTF?

1810 Turn up the heat a bit and have a lie down.

1920 Crap. Lots of smoke coming from my little oven.

1925 Fire alarm just went off in the hotel. Everyone out. I think I’m in trouble.

2000 I think I’ll have ice cream for supper. Happy Thanksgiving Canada.

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