Cancun bound

We’re on a Family vacation. That’s capital “F” because it is the whole family. My Mom, Dad and all the siblings, grandkids and significant others.

We should have left Victoria at 9:48 or so, but due to congestion in the Cancun area, Air Traffic Control would not give us clearance to take off. Then, once we were given clearance, one of the baggage handlers thought that he saw the cargo door not completely latched.

The pilot had no indication that there was a problem, but I’ve seen what happens to aircraft when the cargo door opens mid flight and I am grateful that they double checked.

There are 14 of us headed down to Cancun, then I understand that it will be at least 1.5 hours by bus to our resort in Akumel.

Sunday morning….

Well it did take 2 hours to get to the hotel. Was after 10pm when we checked in. Went for a snack and a drink (or four) at the 24hr snack bar.

Up early (7) this morning to have a bite to eat before or meeting at 9 with the Transat Rep to hear about the hotel and excursions available.

Booked our New Years dinner and several A La Carte dinners for the group.

Today is a day to relax.

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