Dear Air Canada

During the last year, my bags have been delayed in Vancouver at least 50% of the time.

The most recent event was last night. I flew from Prince Rupert to Victoria via Vancouver. My flight from Prince Rupert arrived at Gate 34 and I departed for Victoria from the same gate 40 minutes later.

My bag and the bags of many other passengers did not arrive in Victoria when we did.

My bags were tagged as “Priority”. I have yet to see that this “Priority” tag makes any difference. The bags do not come out on the belt any sooner and they certainly have no priority when decisions are made whether or not to put the bags onto the plane.

Is it not a requirement that baggage accompany a passenger on a plane? Or is it just when it suits Air Canada?

Please remember that I have a choice when I make flight arrangements. I have NEVER had a bag delayed when using Westjet, Pacific Coastal, or Hawk Air.

I fly a great deal with my job and when I can, I use Air Canada. In part it is because of the “Status” benefits that come with frequent flier programs.

The only benefit I received yesterday was when I used my Aeroplan Elite Card to scrap the ice off my car windows.
You blew it.

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