Europe 2012 M&M Day 1


It’s official.

The incoming Immigration documentation requested occupations. Mine was easy…hasn’t changed since “deckhand”. Moe’s has changed over the years…cook, clerk, homemaker, clerk, homemaker, clerk, lollipop lady, locker jockey and is now where it should be.

Our flight over was thankfully uneventful. We arrived at Heathrow a few minutes late after the mandatory holding pattern laps. After all that we had heard about the long waits for passport control, we were expecting to cool our heals for up to two hours, but after we made our way from Terminal 3 to T1, we walked right up to the counter and breezed through. A quick stop to the BMI counter for boarding cards and…”would you like to catch an earlier flight, sir?”

We arrived in Edinburgh 3 hours ahead of schedule to a full on gale, but it gave us time to grab a SIM card for my phone. £15 for a 300 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited tether able data. I love you 3.

We caught a cab to our B&B (Priestville Guesthouse) where Colin and Trina filled us in all there was to see and do during our short visit. A quick rest and we were ready for the driving rain.

The weather was such crap, that we decided to take it easy rather than walk into town. We headed to the Auld Hoose…a spot that I had found during my last stay here. We had a lovely night watching the students, dogs and locals mix. A couple of pints for me and a couple of soda’s for Moe and we headed back for a game of “Who can stay away until 9”. I don’t know who won. I woke at 10pm in one chair and Moe was asleep in the other. We’ll call it a draw.

The morning has dawned cool, but sunny in Edinburgh. That’s a good sign for a wonderful day.

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