Hank is awesome

Headed south again. Just reach cruising altitude after pulling out of Vancouver. Managed to use coupons to upgrade for the flight from Vancouver to Toronto, then from Toronto to Sao Paulo.

These are the new Air Canada pods in business that fully recline. As I was headed to my seat, I thought that I recognized “Lacy” from Corner Gas. She was seat two seats behind me. I tried not to stare, but I was pretty sure it was her.

Then “Hank” started chatting and hugging her. That might be her…and Fred sat down beside me.

Not sure if he wanted to be noticed, I waited until drinks were brought round. I knew that I would regret not saying anything. I leaned over and asked him they were headed to a final show party of some kind and he said that they were.

He asked were I was from and said that he loved Victoria, having been born and raised in Vancouver.

I told him that Moe’s Dad had been involved in the theatre in Edmonton and that we were thrilled to see Len Crowther on the show. Fred remembered him and said that he was great guy and enjoyed himself on the shoot.

After 10 minutes or so, he said “Excuse me what was your name? My mother would kill me for forgetting my manners.”

Mrs. Ewanuick, you done good

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