Yellowknife and a walk

Arrived up here at about 2pm and realized that I’d forgotten the charging cord for my electric razor…the new one that I bought so that I wouldn’t have to take messy razors/cream and go through the hassle that goes along with razor shaving.

I thought that I’d be able give a quick buzz everyday at some point and stay (reasonably) civilized looking…best laid plans.

A reason for a walk. I had checked into 4square and got a welcome tweet from @ykonline who suggested that Shoppers may have a cord…they didn’t, but I picked up some disposables and cream…we’ll see how that goes.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk…20 degrees and sunny…nicer that at home, so after I got my supplies, I wandered around town and grabbed a coffee, then back to the hotel for some emails with the office.

Some of the team met up in the lobby to go dinner. We went to Bullucks’ Bistro. Very tasty. It reminded me of a small Quebec style road side diner with the communal tables. There is no menu…the waitress tells you what is available based on what was caught that day. There were a few different fish varieties and bison. I went for the Arctic Char. It was grilled to perfection, a splash of teriyaki, fries and salad. A very nice meal. I had checked it out on Trip Advisor and the reviews where either 5 or 1. Folks loved the food, but many were put off by the rustic decor, and names that were written on the plywood walls with Sharpies.

I was there to taste the food, not admire the setting. Recommended.

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