While still in Yellowknife, we had a very informative presentation from one of the Inuvialuit from Inuvik.

Tasted like baking powder biscuit

He bought along some samples of traditional foods for us to try.

I tried some

It tasted quite gamey, and the Inuit on our team put butter on theirs.

We arrived yesterday in Tugluktuk via Dash-8. The ship was anchored off the town and were waiting for the new crew to arrive. The crew on board had brought the ship around from Quebec City and were ready to go home.

Amundesen crew waiting for their replacement crew to arrive.

Once we settled into our hotel for the night, I took a wander around the town. It never ceases to amaze me how the old and the new coexisct in these communities.

They hang onto their traditional values and culture but happily embrace new technologies when it can enhance their way of life.

The new and the old

I am always amazed at how the past meets the present.

So now we are waiting to get onto the ship. There was heavy fog this morning and the charter flight that left Quebec City had to divert to Yellowknife. Things have brightened up here now, but it could be that it’s already too late in the day to get the crews swapped and back on the plane for Quebec.

Stand by to stand by…

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  1. Great pictures. Butter does help most things. Pretty sure it is a food group.

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