Headed North

It’s that time of the year again.

Time to head to the Arctic to do some high volume water and sediment sampling in the Beaufort Sea.

I’ve been doing this for three years now and the Arctic never gets old for me. So far, each year has given new adventures and different experiences.

The first year, everything was new. Ice breaking, midnight sun and a whole new world. The second year was a few weeks later and while there was no ice to speak of, I saw new parts of the NWT that I’d never seen.

This year is later still and night has returned to the North and I’m hoping that I’ll get a chance to see the Northern Lights.

You can follow along. As much of my work is in remote parts of the world, I buy a new toy to help keep in touch with the outside world. The Spot Connect uses a GPS receiver and Globalstar Transmitter to send short messages and my location to groups of emails that I’ve predefined. It also has an SOS button that when pushed, will notify¬†authorities¬†that I need help. You can follow me at http://tinyurl.com/spotfergus or on the link over there———>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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